What is LiveLife?
LiveLife is a social platform for Connecting People with Activities, believing that the most meaningful interaction and connection happen when we experience something together in person.

You can find Activities to enjoy with your friends, and Ideas to Plan for your next activity, while being connected with people of similar interests.

And if you are looking for people to join your activity, we can also connect you with relevant interest groups and communities to make it even more engaging!

Why Use LiveLife?
Bored of doing the same routine?
You can find Activities to enjoy with your friends, and Ideas to Plan for your next activity, while being connected with people with similar interests.

Wanting to meet new people outside your circle of friends for a change?
All of our friends used to be strangers who we met in school, work, or church through a repeated set of activities right?

Why not join interesting activities and meet people with similar interest?
With LiveLife you can find Activities from different categories. As William Butler Yeats once said: "There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t yet met"

Looking for interesting activities to enjoy with friends?
Yes, even if you just want to hang out, there are many Activities to enjoy with your friends, and Great Ideas to plan for your next activity!

Have activities you have been wanting to do, but your friends can’t go with you?
Well if you keep on waiting for them, it might just be too long! Why not just join the Activities you are interested in and make new friends along the way?

Have a great idea in mind but not knowing how to make it happen?
No matter how crazy your idea might sound, some people might find it great and want to help you make it happen!

Why not post your Ideas at LiveLife and we will help share to people with similar interests so that together we can make it happen! Also check out other Ideas to Plan for some inspiration.

Looking for great ideas on your next alumni or group gatherings?
We have a number of Ideas to Plan based on your preference.Simply click "Plan" and invite your friends to participate.

Wanting to exchange great ideas with friends and others on what to do during the weekend or public holidays?
Simply share our Activities or Ideas to Plan with them. Who knows they might be interested to join and make it even more interesting?

Who Should Use It?
People who are looking for interesting activities with their friends and perhaps meet new people along the way. Our users are English speaking and highly educated working professionals with mid-level income and above.

They love to experience & learn new things, feel inspired, and build meaningful connection with other people while having a great time.