Mexican Food & Culture Fiesta

Up for an authentic Mexican dining experience as if you were there?

Plaza Senayan Arcadia
Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
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3 hours    30      IDR 295K /pax

  3 hours
   30 pax
  IDR 295,000 /pax
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Wanna try unique and delicious cuisines from all over the world, have a great time with your friends?

Presenting you our Cuisines around the World series, this time featuring: Mexican Food & Culture Fiesta where you will get to enjoy original Mexican food, while soaking in their culture and experiencing the atmosphere.

The Experience: Experience what it is like to dine out as if you were in Mexico itself. There will be fun & interactive games to help everyone interact with each other, while learning about Mexico. Instead of having to fly to Mexico, you can truly feel like being there!

The Food: Authentic Mexican cuisine from Hacienda, which chefs and 70% of its raw ingredients are brought in all the way from Mexico, ensuring its authenticity for your taste buds. Expect the real Mexican taste with dishes like: Burritos, tortilla soup, enchiladas, and yummy desserts like: banana rum salsa and limon tequila pie!

Capacity: Up to 40 pax can fit the room. There needs to be min 40 pax to make this happen.

Amenities: Try wearing the traditional Mexican outfits like Sombrero (broad-brimmed & high-crowned hat), Sarape (vibrantly coloured garment with a fringe), while juggling with Balero and take some pictures too!

Budget: IDR 295k per pax where you can enjoy a full set-menu with starters, main course, dessert and drinks!

Performance: Live performance of Mariachi songs (traditional Mexican folk-music) serenading us till midnight!


Tuesday nights to listen to the live Mariachi band